About us

Our team have been in the vitamins and skincare industry for 20 years and know just how important ingredients are to improving your health.

Irritated at the lacklustre performance of the various foams/creams and gels in the shaving market we started applying what we knew about vitamins to create the perfect shaving product.

So... Starling Shaving Butter was born. Providing 3 reasons to ditch your current shaving foam:

1.The essential oils in Starling Shave Butter allow the razor to glide effortlessly across the planes of your skin and prevent clogging of your razor

2. Our formula is transparent meaning you can clearly see the contours and lines of your face making shaving less of a guessing game

3. Our combination of premium ingredients like Shea butter actively moisturise during the shave leaving your skin feeling unbelievably soft and preventing irritation

We’re so confident that it’ll be the best shave you’ve ever had that if you don’t agree, we’ll give you your money back

We'll continue on our mission to bring you the best shave you've ever had. Keep up to date with our latest exploits on our social media: